Monday, April 4, 2011

Super Crazy Glitter Explosion! aka Glitter Gradient

I've been getting a little bored of Konading lately (*gasp* I know. .. heh), and been trying to try my hand (heh.. no pun intended) at some experimental nail art. I did spent two years as a Fine Art major, so I should be able to put those skills to good use now. While at ACmoore last weekend, I was browsing seeing what random craft supplies I could use for my nails when I I came across these babies:
I saw the work "Holographic" and got way too giddy in the middle of the craft store isle, I'm sure people were looking as me strangely. As always you can't see in pictures quite how pretty these are, but they do have a nice rainbow holo effect to them. 

Ignore the foundation powder all over my dresser..
Didn't notice it till I got it into Photoshop :x

Today's post is a guest appearance mom's nails.hah My mom was desperate for a new mani so I decided to do her nails, I have been wanting to try doing a gradient nail for a while so I pretty much winged it with the glitter...

For these nails I basically just put a few drops of topcoat on a piece of paper from a notepad, sprinkled some glitter in it and mixed it around with one of the little sponge cubes. Then I scrapped it off with one edge of the sponge, and sponge it onto the nails, focusing more on the tips.
One thing I did notice about using the glitter was I needed two coats of topcoat, and even with that it was still a little gritty. 

You can semi see the holo here

And here's a little look at my "setup". heh. 

I also got a bunch of other glitters, and I'm thinking I may try to franken with them. Anyone out there frankened? Any tips?

What I used:
Color- Sinful Colors Mint Apple


  1. I'm getting closer to frankening. I want to do something with the generic holo glitter top coat from Claire's. I saw on someone's blog that they grind-up old eye shadow for pigment. That is really intrigueing - have lots of old eyeshadow.

  2. Hi <3
    All you nail-bloggers have inspired me, so I have opened a nail-blog too! It would mean a lot to me if you take a look (And leave a comment even if my blog is on norwegian) <3 Big hugs from Thea (PS: Sry my bad english!)

  3. those glitters will bleed color into the clear polish and sink, so to get it mixed requires a lot of shaking w/ ballz(aka bbs) but they will still be pretty on the nail. they will turn into a jelly base basically, in whatever color glitter you use. of course they will be hard to remove, like most glitters. I have tried using these for frankens in the past and that is the experience I had.