Thursday, April 28, 2011

Back from the dead?... Almost.

Ahhhhh! Between school, my internship, and getting ready for my thesis show, my life has been udder chaos lately! It seems like Midterm time has just blended into Finals time with no break, even my Spring Break wasn't really a break! Luckily, I know have less than a month till this is all over, I have my degree, and can sip a few margaritas in my backyard. haha
Needless to say I have not even had the time or patience to make a new blog post till today. I have tons of photos of some really fun manis on my camera, but I lack the motivation to upload them right now, so I'm posting something that's already on my computer and edited. I do have to say it's not my favorite mani ever, and it looked waaaay better in my head, but here she goes anyway:

I guess I should have used tape, but I was feeling "daring"

Ehhh... ignore that grey bar on the right side hah

So, not my best mani moment. I will try this again using tape to do the tips, and probably a different color, because the Flying Dragon wound up being too similar to the black to really tell the difference.  

What I Used:
B/C: OPI Nail Envy 
Color: Sally Hansen nailgrowth Miracle in Innocent Nude
Tips: China Glaze Flying Dragon (neon)
Sinful Colors Black on Black
T/C: Seche Vite

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