Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Patriotic" Nails, and a Guest Aperance

So those that know me, know I'm not exactly ehh patriotic, but I had this great idea for these nails. When I get a creative idea I'll be damned if anything will stand in my way! So my mom is always begging me to do my nails (literally begging, at least once a week hah), so I forced her to wear this for a few days. Well I didn't force, she was actually really happy with it..But anyway that's how these nails were born.

Oh and I did these a few days ago, but just took the photos today, so ignore the tip wear. 

You can kind of see the holo in the gold glitter here

What I Used:
Color: Orly Star of Bombay
Stripes: Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in White
Tips: Sinful Colors Gogo Girl
         China Glaze Cleopatra

Saturday, May 28, 2011

*Ding dong* Delivery!!

Ok, I must admit there was no actual doorbell involved in this delivery but..Oh-em-gee (hehe)you guys, look what literally just arrived in my mailbox!!!

My brand spanking new set of MASH plates! Ok, so I'm not sure how good these are but from some of the reviews I read it seems they are comparable to Bundle Monster. When I was purchasing the new Bundle Monster set, Amazon recommended these to me...and well I'm sucker for those damn recommendations. Daaaamn you Amazon!!!... You know me so well. x_x 

I'm also a (bigger) sucker for a good deal, and 25 plates for $16.99 plus tax and shipping?!
Count me in! 
AND they are all pretty much dupes of Konad plates?!
No friggin way!!! Doubly count me in!!
..OK well not doubly, but you get the idea.

So far this bad boy looks pretty much the same as the Konad version of this plate I have. 

Eek! So excited for this plate!! Been lemming the Konad one forever! What more can you really need than skulls and unicorns?!!?

From just looking these over quickly, they seem pretty decent.
-Clean etching, which seems like it will stamp well. 
-Full size designs look as though they will cover my whole nail

MASH on the left, Konad on the right. (I really need a lightbox)

It's really funny, even the numbers are the same. .. and yeah my Konad plate is a disaster! shhh..
From a quick side by side comparision, it looks like my Konad plate is maybe etched a little deeper than the MASH plates, and that the design is a little cleaner. But for the price come 'on!

I'm clearly, way too overly excited about this at the moment. Hopefully I will be able to do a "Stamping Showdown" between MASH and Konad soon...ooo now I'm really excited for that too. haha

I FINALLY Graduated!!!

It's been a long 8 years!.. and you would think being in college 8 years I'd be getting my masters. Nope. Just a good 'ol Bachelors. Which maybe 8 years ago would be fine, but in this horrible economy, and with my horrible major (horrible in the sense of actually getting a job easily), it's looking like grad school is going to be in my near future. Of course I wouldn't mind that, in fact I always wanted to go to grad school... but I'm beyond broke! Ok, this rant needs to be over now. hah Sorry about that..
So my nails..

Sorry for this horrible picture, my mom took it on the train, on my
way to graduation. ha

This was my first time using an actual nail art pen, and I can definitely use more practice. It works wonders for doing lettering though! The picture below is of my right hand, which came out OK. I was worried it wouldn't even be readable, because I am dreadful at writing with my left hand.
OK, so I wasn't a big fan of my school, FIT.. clearly. hah I was just happy to be out. I think my friends and classmates got a laugh out of these nails too. 

I didn't realize how horrible of a clean up job I did on my nails (I had a million things on my mind)... eww. Sorry for that. I was running super late, as usual, and wound up just finishing my mom's nails at 11 the night before graduation (which was the next morning at 9am!! wtf?@?!).

YAY for Class of 2011!!
Congrats to everyone else who graduated this year! It feels so good to be able to breathe again! My life was such INSANITY this last semester! I actually have the time to update my blog much more frequently now, horrah!

...now to find a job.

What I used:
Color: China Glaze Pink Voltage
Tips: Sinful Colors Black on Black
with Wet 'n Wild Party of Five Glitters
Nail Art: Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen

Friday, May 27, 2011

Finally some free time... time to update my blog

Sorry everyone, I have been insanely busy with school and had zero time to think let alone update my blog.  I am finally done though, and have now decided to update my blog because it's really getting sad now. hah
I did this mani forever ago, and it's kinda late so for now I'm going to guess at the polishes I used and perhaps I'll fix it up tomorrow... for now enjoy some more cracky goodness...

What I used:
Base Color:Wet n'Wild Blazed
Crack: China Glaze Crushed Candy
No T/C

Monday, May 9, 2011

Black Crack..hehe

Black and silver is one of my favorite color combinations (OK let's face it black and anything is my favorite color combo, but for arguments sake for today it's black and silver). Even though this is a really simple mani, I absolutely love it! I actually did this quite a while ago, but looking at it now makes me want to have it on my nails again, right now! hah
The base color for this is Wet n' Wild Slivivor, and this color is insane! I swear it is slightly mirror-esque. Wet n' Wild in general has seriously stepped up their game. I have recently accumulated a decent amount of their eyeshadow pallets and they are (almost) all great! Super pigmented, and with primer lasts all day with little to no creasing. For the costs of these babies it's such an amazing steal! Can you guys tell I love makeup too? hah
...But I digress, back to nails.

If I remember correctly in order to get the Black Mesh to crack like this I had to shake the bottle really well in between painting each nail. I also think I did a relatively thick coat.

What I used:
Color:Wet n'Wild Slivivor
Crack: China Glaze Black Mesh
T/C: Seche Vite

Friday, May 6, 2011

Hello Kitty Nails, finally!

So I finally decided to upload all the pictures on my camera, and wow there were a lot!!
Today I have the nails I did with my free Hello Kitty Plate from Born Pretty. I totally love Born Pretty! Their shipping does take a while, but their customer service is great and the fact that they have free giveaways all the time is amazing! I currently have some free Hello Kitty stickers en route to me somewhere. These aren't all that different from all the others I have seen, but I wanted to show them anyway. ^_^

Ignore the bottle of lotion in my hand hah
I filled in the bow with a hot pink nail art pen and added a cute pink rhinestone. I stamped a blue kitty on my thumb, but you couldn't really see it against the dark purple. 

My curtains are a little crazy hot pink

The rhinestones are from a wheel I bought from 88Beauty

I LOVE this Hello Kitty stamp soooo much, I almost can't believe I got it for free! It stamps so well, and is too frickin cute! ha I think that Born Pretty may still be giving away 10 free plates a day, so if you're lucky you may be able to still snag a free one. Plus they are always having a new free giveaway, so keep your eyes peeled!

What I used:
Color: China Glaze Virtual Violet
Tips: China Glaze Something Sweet
Stamp: Konad Special White
Nail Art: Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Hot Pink
T/C: Seche Vite

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Crazy Swatching Fest Coming Soon...

I'm currently in the process of "swatching" and "spreadsheeting" my entire polish collection. Phew. It's taking long than I thought, but boy do I love swatching! For me it's a very zen experience, and a good way to relieve some stress right now. It's also something I've been putting off forever. So hopefully soon you guys will be able to witness "Crazy Swatching Fest 20-11"!!!