Saturday, May 28, 2011

*Ding dong* Delivery!!

Ok, I must admit there was no actual doorbell involved in this delivery but..Oh-em-gee (hehe)you guys, look what literally just arrived in my mailbox!!!

My brand spanking new set of MASH plates! Ok, so I'm not sure how good these are but from some of the reviews I read it seems they are comparable to Bundle Monster. When I was purchasing the new Bundle Monster set, Amazon recommended these to me...and well I'm sucker for those damn recommendations. Daaaamn you Amazon!!!... You know me so well. x_x 

I'm also a (bigger) sucker for a good deal, and 25 plates for $16.99 plus tax and shipping?!
Count me in! 
AND they are all pretty much dupes of Konad plates?!
No friggin way!!! Doubly count me in!!
..OK well not doubly, but you get the idea.

So far this bad boy looks pretty much the same as the Konad version of this plate I have. 

Eek! So excited for this plate!! Been lemming the Konad one forever! What more can you really need than skulls and unicorns?!!?

From just looking these over quickly, they seem pretty decent.
-Clean etching, which seems like it will stamp well. 
-Full size designs look as though they will cover my whole nail

MASH on the left, Konad on the right. (I really need a lightbox)

It's really funny, even the numbers are the same. .. and yeah my Konad plate is a disaster! shhh..
From a quick side by side comparision, it looks like my Konad plate is maybe etched a little deeper than the MASH plates, and that the design is a little cleaner. But for the price come 'on!

I'm clearly, way too overly excited about this at the moment. Hopefully I will be able to do a "Stamping Showdown" between MASH and Konad now I'm really excited for that too. haha


  1. Nice! Can't wait to see newest creations. =)

  2. Think of the fun you will have! Excited to see what you come up with. :) Following you now.

  3. Thank you guys! :) Hoping to come up with some good designs!
    And thanks for following!