Saturday, May 28, 2011

I FINALLY Graduated!!!

It's been a long 8 years!.. and you would think being in college 8 years I'd be getting my masters. Nope. Just a good 'ol Bachelors. Which maybe 8 years ago would be fine, but in this horrible economy, and with my horrible major (horrible in the sense of actually getting a job easily), it's looking like grad school is going to be in my near future. Of course I wouldn't mind that, in fact I always wanted to go to grad school... but I'm beyond broke! Ok, this rant needs to be over now. hah Sorry about that..
So my nails..

Sorry for this horrible picture, my mom took it on the train, on my
way to graduation. ha

This was my first time using an actual nail art pen, and I can definitely use more practice. It works wonders for doing lettering though! The picture below is of my right hand, which came out OK. I was worried it wouldn't even be readable, because I am dreadful at writing with my left hand.
OK, so I wasn't a big fan of my school, FIT.. clearly. hah I was just happy to be out. I think my friends and classmates got a laugh out of these nails too. 

I didn't realize how horrible of a clean up job I did on my nails (I had a million things on my mind)... eww. Sorry for that. I was running super late, as usual, and wound up just finishing my mom's nails at 11 the night before graduation (which was the next morning at 9am!! wtf?@?!).

YAY for Class of 2011!!
Congrats to everyone else who graduated this year! It feels so good to be able to breathe again! My life was such INSANITY this last semester! I actually have the time to update my blog much more frequently now, horrah! to find a job.

What I used:
Color: China Glaze Pink Voltage
Tips: Sinful Colors Black on Black
with Wet 'n Wild Party of Five Glitters
Nail Art: Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen

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