Friday, April 29, 2011

My Favorite Mani... EVER???

Ok so I'm fully addicted to this mani. I did it over a month ago a feel like I have dreams about it. haha Can we also call this a "Royal Wedding" mani, since it's blue?? OK, so I must confess, despite by serious England obsession,  I pretty much was over this whole wedding. Then all of a sudden yesterday I became overly interested, and I had a pretty awesome idea for an amazing mani to do for it. But alas I had no time to do it yesterday.. oh well I'll have to do it later for fun.
On to this mani.. Neons and frickin turquoise!!! Oh and some holo spots for extra fun... This is why I love this so much!

<3333! heh
A little bit of a closeup
Here's some overly dramatic lighting heh

...and some out of focus holo goodness 

What I Used:
Color: Milani Neons Fresh Teal 
Stamp: Konad M57
             Wet n' Wild Nocturnal 
Spots: China Glaze He's Going in Circles
T/C: Seche Vite

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Back from the dead?... Almost.

Ahhhhh! Between school, my internship, and getting ready for my thesis show, my life has been udder chaos lately! It seems like Midterm time has just blended into Finals time with no break, even my Spring Break wasn't really a break! Luckily, I know have less than a month till this is all over, I have my degree, and can sip a few margaritas in my backyard. haha
Needless to say I have not even had the time or patience to make a new blog post till today. I have tons of photos of some really fun manis on my camera, but I lack the motivation to upload them right now, so I'm posting something that's already on my computer and edited. I do have to say it's not my favorite mani ever, and it looked waaaay better in my head, but here she goes anyway:

I guess I should have used tape, but I was feeling "daring"

Ehhh... ignore that grey bar on the right side hah

So, not my best mani moment. I will try this again using tape to do the tips, and probably a different color, because the Flying Dragon wound up being too similar to the black to really tell the difference.  

What I Used:
B/C: OPI Nail Envy 
Color: Sally Hansen nailgrowth Miracle in Innocent Nude
Tips: China Glaze Flying Dragon (neon)
Sinful Colors Black on Black
T/C: Seche Vite

Monday, April 4, 2011

Super Crazy Glitter Explosion! aka Glitter Gradient

I've been getting a little bored of Konading lately (*gasp* I know. .. heh), and been trying to try my hand (heh.. no pun intended) at some experimental nail art. I did spent two years as a Fine Art major, so I should be able to put those skills to good use now. While at ACmoore last weekend, I was browsing seeing what random craft supplies I could use for my nails when I I came across these babies:
I saw the work "Holographic" and got way too giddy in the middle of the craft store isle, I'm sure people were looking as me strangely. As always you can't see in pictures quite how pretty these are, but they do have a nice rainbow holo effect to them. 

Ignore the foundation powder all over my dresser..
Didn't notice it till I got it into Photoshop :x

Today's post is a guest appearance mom's nails.hah My mom was desperate for a new mani so I decided to do her nails, I have been wanting to try doing a gradient nail for a while so I pretty much winged it with the glitter...

For these nails I basically just put a few drops of topcoat on a piece of paper from a notepad, sprinkled some glitter in it and mixed it around with one of the little sponge cubes. Then I scrapped it off with one edge of the sponge, and sponge it onto the nails, focusing more on the tips.
One thing I did notice about using the glitter was I needed two coats of topcoat, and even with that it was still a little gritty. 

You can semi see the holo here

And here's a little look at my "setup". heh. 

I also got a bunch of other glitters, and I'm thinking I may try to franken with them. Anyone out there frankened? Any tips?

What I used:
Color- Sinful Colors Mint Apple

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mmm... Hot pink and Crackle

Another recycle jobby I did.. I love the hot pink polish under the black crackle! It looks really great on the whole nail too and not just the tips. I did this on my toes a few weeks back and left it for a whole week! *gasp* I'd taken pictures, but I don't want to scare people with my weird toes..
Alright here goes, recycled from this mani from a few days ago :

Doing the Crackle on the tips wasn't totally successful, but I will definitely try it again.  I think the nail that turned out the most like what I was going for was the thumb..

What I used:
Color- Sally Hansen nailgrowth Miracle in Innocent Nude
Tips-China Glaze Pink Voltage on the tips
T/C-China Glaze Shooting Stars
Tips (on top)-China Glaze Crackle Black Mesh

Friday, April 1, 2011

Ahhhh!!! More new Bundle Monster Preview pics!!

If you guys are not already, you seriously NEED to follow Bundle Monster on Facebook!!  Here's the link !! Do it now!! :)

Super excited that, 1. The full nail designs are bigger, and will now cover the whole thumb! 2. There will 25 NEW plates for the close to the same price as the old set, and 3. That they will be out in a few weeks! 

Edit: Here's a new pic they posted showing a comparison of between the full image designs of the old plates and the new ones. As I mentioned, you can see how much larger the new ones are:

The old plate is "BM20"
In case you happen to (by some strange twist of fate heh) not own the original Bundle Monster set, you should pick that one up now because they are all going to be new designs! :)
Oh and I'm loving the crown! And is that full design on the bottom SNAKESKIN?!? Ahhh too excited for this! hah