Friday, April 1, 2011

Ahhhh!!! More new Bundle Monster Preview pics!!

If you guys are not already, you seriously NEED to follow Bundle Monster on Facebook!!  Here's the link !! Do it now!! :)

Super excited that, 1. The full nail designs are bigger, and will now cover the whole thumb! 2. There will 25 NEW plates for the close to the same price as the old set, and 3. That they will be out in a few weeks! 

Edit: Here's a new pic they posted showing a comparison of between the full image designs of the old plates and the new ones. As I mentioned, you can see how much larger the new ones are:

The old plate is "BM20"
In case you happen to (by some strange twist of fate heh) not own the original Bundle Monster set, you should pick that one up now because they are all going to be new designs! :)
Oh and I'm loving the crown! And is that full design on the bottom SNAKESKIN?!? Ahhh too excited for this! hah


  1. Oh right whoops..
    They're going to be announcing a contest today so get to the liking! hah

  2. I just bought these new plates this morning! I can't wait to try out all the designs on them. Great blog :) I love your blue leopard print manicure!

  3. I LOVE those plates! :| Too bad they dont sell'em in my country :]