Monday, March 21, 2011

Hi Everyone!! (aka My First Post)

...more like "Hi No one" seeing as how I have no followers and am pretty much talking to myself. hah

Well, I guess I should introduce myself...
My name is Danielle, and I'm a polish addict. hah

It's so unbelievably sad sometimes... I spent waaaay too much money this weekend on nail polish (I now need to take a few weeks off from this polish shopping binge).

Oh right besides my polish addiction, I'm a college student, so polish is my main procrastination from doing my schoolwork. I hope to post some picture of my recent manis in a few... but we'll see if I procrastinate that as well, or maybe actually do my homework *gasp*.


  1. yay!! you would like Katrina's Nail Blog too - like all of us "she paints her nails instead of doing homework" lol

  2. ooohh I'll definitely have to check that one out too! Thanks for the tip! :)