Monday, March 21, 2011

NoTD: So Called Spring

So seeing as how Sunday was the first day of Spring, I set out to do a "Spring" mani... but somehow I got lost along the way and by the end I realized I made a Winter mani instead. hah In the end it almost worked out, because today is not at all spring like. It's cold, and gross out, it was even snowing this morning.

Anyway... I really love this color combo especially For Audrey with the flakey glitter Color Club Covered in Diamonds (which is one of the many polishes from this weekends nonsensically huge haul). I'll have to keep this one in the back of my head of next winter! Oh and I get to show you my horrible "freehand frenching" hah.

Soo pretty! Minus my blobby white tips! hah.. one day I'll get it right without the scotch tape!

I found the formula on the "Covered in Diamonds" very thick, but not unusable. Just slightly annoying because the flakes wanted to stay on the brush rather than stick to my nails.

Booo! Horrible cleanup job!

 I also needed two layers of the Seche Vite, in order to just smooth it out because there were so many flakes sticking out everywhere. You can somewhat see one of the flakes still sticking out in the photo below. 

Here you can semi see my blobby tips, and also a flake of the glitter sticking out.

As you all can see my nails are mighty short. I'm trying to grow them out but they keep breaking when they get to a certain length., and they are always peeling, which I'm assuming makes them even more brittle. :(  

I had been using Gelous for the past month or so, but it didn't seem to be helping. I just started using OPI's Nail Envy:Sensitive & Peeling formula, I'm hoping that helps. 
Anyone have any luck with this, or any suggestions for me on what to try? 

Base: OPI's Nail Envy
Colors: China Glaze For Audrey
              Color Club Covered in Diamonds
Tips: China Glaze Snow
TC: Seche Vite


  1. i get peeling really badly in my nils too :( best tips to avoud this is make sure you get lots of vitamins, stay hydrated, an when you file your nails do it one direction only, not side to side, as this will weaken them. always use a strengthening base coat. i like short nails though, you can still get some great looks, and i think its more 'alternative' :)
    i see what you mean with the wintery look! it actually looks like a winter dawn with those flakies! thanks for the comment on my blog, im totally into the spring manis at the moment so follow if you want updates :D
    from a fellow new blogger, your blog is really coming along i love it!

  2. That definitely might be one of my problems! I'm always filling in all sorts of directions! I'm going to try to keep an eye on my haphazard filling from now on.
    Thanks so much for the compliments!! I'll try to keep my blog up to par. hah