Monday, March 21, 2011

Yay picture!!

Ok, so I have a serious backlog of pictures of manis at the moment because I had planned on starting this blog about a month ago.. but alas life got in the way.

So anyway...
When I went to my local Sally's they had the $4.99 China Glaze sale, and I was stoked to find a whole display full of Tronica polishes, but as we all know now, they kinda suck! grrr!! All I wanted was a good linear holo!.. in fact a good holo at all (I have now found a few).  The only one that I found actually had any linear holo at all in the batch that I bought (of Techno Teal, Virtual Violet, Hologram and Electric Magenta) was Hologram. No pics of it, cause frankly there are already pics of this collection all over the blogs, but I do have a pic of my stamping attempt with these "holos".

Yay, first pic!
Ok so here's the deal...
Base: A Sally Hansen I can't find at the moment (shocker)
Plate: BM21
Stamp: A tricolor stamp of Techno Teal, Electro Magenta, and Virtual Violet
Tips: Sinful Colors Black on Black (with the scotch tape type deal)
Topcoat: Seche Vite (<3)


  1. Love the stars, very cute!

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  2. Thanks so much ladies!
    Yay for followers! :)