Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some of my Stash, since I'm seriously feigning new polish

Seeing as how I lost not only my debit card (for about the billionth time), but also my drivers license, which means I can't get a new debit card until I get my new drivers license! Anyone who has ever been to DMV, knows that could take at least a month. :( This is putting a serious cramp in my nail polish shopping. I decided that maybe it was a sign of sorts, to take a mini nail polish shopping break, but it's only been a few days and I'm feigning a nail polish run so badly! Holy hell, I'm a total addict! hah
I thought it might make me feel a little better to post a recent picture of my stash...
I happened to have a good portion of my stash on the couch while deciding which colors to use, in the pre-Melmer days (aka a week ago hah),  and I was slightly impressed. I felt like sharing because I feel like my fellow polish junkies may be the only one's that understand, cause my mom certainly doesn't. hah Here goes:

My stash is much more organized at the moment, and I'm in the process of making a google spreadsheet, horrah!

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