Saturday, February 11, 2012

V-Day Pedi

****Warning:Feet Ahead!******

I can't believe I'm showing you my feet. I hate them. I have a freakishly long second toe, that I can use to pick things up with (I even flicked a lighter and lit someone's cigarette with my feet was a while ago haha). Showing my feet also means showing you a few of my tattoos. So, surprises all around.

I used this tutorial from Copy That, Copy Cat as a starting point for this pedi. I just discovered this blog, and am really loving it, especially the tutorials.

Also for some reason I have no idea how the hell to take pictures of my feet. 

What I used:
Color: Wet n' Wild-Red Red
Tips:Sinful Colors-Black on Black
        China Glaze-Silver Lining

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